House Rules

Every club requires its members to observe rules. Ours are not demanding and are based on common sense and courtesy. Members should be aware that some dogs in some situations can be dangerous.

1.    All members must wear their membership card when attending classes

2.    Members must listen to and obey the instructor at all times

3.    Bitches in season or sick/injured dogs are not allowed on the training ground

4.    Dogs must be on lead at all times whilst on the training ground, except when engaged in “off-lead” exercises in class

5.    Members should only engage in “off-lead” exercises if:

a)    they willingly exercise the option of off-lead work

b)    they are confident in their ability to properly control their dog

6.    The club does not recommend that members ever allow their dogs off-lead in public places unless:

a)    they are confident in their ability to properly control the dog; and

b)    they are in a public place where dogs are expressly allowed to be off-lead at that time

7.    A dog that has bitten another dog or person, or that shows undue aggression or unusual behaviour must be immediately reported to the Instructor, or a Committee member of the club who is present

8.    Dog droppings must be picked up and placed in the buckets IMMEDIATELY by handlers, with the equipment provided

9.    Children 12 years and under must have adult supervision at all times whilst on the training ground and at the toilets

10.   Smoking is not permitted in class

11.  Members must only use correction collars or Haltis on their dogs whilst on the training ground. Any other device must be first approved by the Director of Training

12.  Members should exercise care when walking over the club’s grounds as the ground can be uneven

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